Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Change is in Order

Recently, a good friend of mine recommended a book to me. It was one of those books that was written for a single woman. So what happens - Inner cringing happened. The thought of reading another one of those books made me want to lose my dinner...and I hadn't even eaten a thing! But, after a quick second of who was offering me this, I decided that I was going to give this one a shot. Why? Because my friend never forces anything on me and if she says this really helped her in her at-the-time-singleness, then I too may be helped.

Are you ready for my findings?

This book rocked my world.

The past few years I have thought to myself, "Why on earth are you still single!?!?!"
And I always answered back, "I have no clue! You are quite the perfect catch! You can sing, cook, are independent, you love people and they love you back! So what if you hate cleaning, there's maids for that!"

After reading this book, I realize that there are several things that I indeed need to work on and the book is quite correct. One of the things that I really like are the comparisons that she made throughout the book to both Esther and Ruth. I feel that I really relate best to Esther and Esther had to overcome several obstacles before she became presentable to King Xerxes. Those three things were:
  1. her past
  2. her present
  3. her future
And it just so happens that those are the exact three things that I need to work on. Let's face it, we all have a past and some are harder than others, my current standings aren't desirable for what I want currently and definitely not for the future either. I have many things that I need to work on (I'm not listing them) in all of these areas.

The author recommends taking 6 months to work on these things and getting to know God better. This is something I should be working on on a daily basis anyways. So here goes nothing!

0:) Jen

PS: If you are wondering what the book is here you go!

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LOVE THIS! Get is girl!